Phabricator, Hosted

Battle tested at Facebook, unlimited Git/SVN/Mercurial repositories, built-in real-time chat, build integration, wiki, design mockup workflow and more.


Good news! Our upcoming buildbot service will have built-in Phabricator integration.

Everything your team needs.

Git, SVN, Mercurial

Unlimited private and public repositories of any flavor, with simple, optional mirroring to external repositories.

Code Reviews

Reviews are what Phabricator was build around. With the powerful arcanist, you can finally see what code reviews done right are about.


For large codebases, it's hard to track everything you'd need to. Herald lets you set up custom alerts when any object — a commit, a wiki page — is touched.

Chat, baked in

What's a team without a chat? With a tightly integrated way to discuss, effortlessly cross-link commits, commets, tasks, files and any other resource, it's what you'd call a well-communicated one.


For the writers among you, tirelessly writing down the words of wisdom gather on your journey. Having it spread out over dozens of emails from years ago is far from ideal. This should help.


With Pholio, an app for reviewing images and mockups, you let your designers enter a low-latency-feedback workflow with the rest of the team. Commenting on mockups, even annotating specific parts, is a breeze.

we'll take care of...

Backed up

Never worry about your data. Backups are rigorously done on a 24h schedule and accessible anytime. Your data is always yours.

Always up to date

Phabricator is constantly growing. With new improvements coming in every day, it can be a hassle to keep yourself up to date. We'll do that for you.

Scaled as You Grow

We'll handle scaling your instance for you as well. You keep building wonderful stuff.

Companies Using Phabricator

facebook uses phabricator
dropbox uses phabricator
coursera uses phabricator
instagram uses phabricator
asana uses phabricator
cisco uses phabricator
quora uses phabricator
uber uses phabricator
disqus uses phabricator
haskellorg uses phabricator
rdio uses phabricator
wikimedia uses phabricator
…and, in a few minutes, you.
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Questions Asked Frequently

> Can I import my existing Phabricator data?
Yes! Since this can be a time-consuming task and there's usually a need to coordinate such migrations, open an import request from your instance management panel. We'll contact you and hammer out the details of the import.
> Do you provide support?
We're avid Phabricator users. We'll be glad to help you answer any Phabricator-related questions you may have. You can open a support request from your instance's management panel or simply email us at
> I'm feeling this isn't serious
You should see the official Phabricator website. Phabricator is also full of lighthearted remarks all over the place, which you can disable if you feel like you're serious business.
There's always more at


per user, per month


Unlimited repositories
Full feature set
No assembly required
Strict backups

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