Mail Server

Your own POP3/IMAP/SMTP server, in two minutes. And a simple HTTP API to integrate with anything, anywhere.

$0.50 per mailbox

High deliverability

Building and maintaining reputation as a sender takes work. We make sure your emails find their way to the inbox, and not the spam folder.

Full API Access

We've built a clean RESTful API so you can fully integrate the server into your product. Add accounts, aliases, domains and more with a simple POST call.

Secure, resiliant

The content of your messages is your business. Literally. We've put the effort in to make sure they're safe and sound should the worst happen.
Save time on setup, get those emails out the door.
And no worries about deliverability.

Frequently Asked Questions

> Wait, no front-end?
No. We don't include any half-baked email app that you never end up using anyway. Admit it, you never liked those.
> Let's talk spam.
We have very strict and effective detection rules in place: it's all signal and no noise – precisely what you'd expect from 2016.
> Do you offer support?
Absolutely, we provide full email support should you have any questions or issues. If you need to get more intimate, just let us know.
There's always more at
Limited Beta.
We're still hacking on this one to make sure
it's actually something you’d like to use.
You can apply for early access from within your project.
Or, if you want to sit back and hear about our progress, follow us on Twitter.

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