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The build, test and release CI framework trusted by the largest.

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Automate Continuous Integration/Deployment, Release Management and any other process you can imagine.

ridiculously simple, immensely powerful CI

Fast & Scalable

Battle tested by organizations such as Mozilla and Chromium, you can be sure buildbot can carry staggeringly large projects and still move fast.

Say it in Python

Use Python to write your job definitions. No undocumented DSLs, no tacky UIs that take forever to load - just Python. When you're done, git push and you're all set.

Fanatically Supported

Thanks to its simplicity and architecture, you'll have to problem getting support. If you need anything that exceeds existing buildbot capabilities, we can work to make it happen, for you and everyone else.

describe your builds in Python

# Pull: Git, Hg, SVN, or custom
checkout = steps.SVN(
# Use prepared steps or raw commands
make_all = steps.ShellCommand(
    name="make all",
    command=["make", "all"],
# Wrap it up, ready to build
build = Build(
    steps=[checkout, makeall, ...],
Buildbot is a framework in which you implement a system that matches your workflow and grows with your organization.

we'll take care of...

Backed up

Never worry about your data. Backups are rigorously done on a 24h schedule and accessible anytime. Your data is always yours.

Always up to date

Phabricator is constantly growing. With new improvements coming in every day, it can be a hassle to keep yourself up to date. We'll do that for you.


How many workers you use is up to you - we provide as many as you need, and we'll help you pick enough to carry your build.

Projects Using Buildbot

chromium uses buildbot
mozilla uses buildbot
mariadb uses buildbot
webkit uses buildbot
python uses buildbot
mongodb uses buildbot
…and, in a few minutes, you.
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Questions Asked Frequently

> When?
When it's ready! We'll see as we go. Join the list and we'll let you know when we start a limited preview. We should take off before 2017 hits us all in the face, though.
> Why buildbot?
Over the years we've all tried dozens of solutions and always ended up deploying buildbot instead. We'd like to help you get yours off the ground too.
> Does it integrate?
It's one of our goals to make our hosted buildbot instances integrate nicely with our other services. At the end of the day, your build is just Python, so you imagination is your only limit. We're also working on supporting custom webhooks on our part.
There's always more at

Coming real soon.

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