Note: a dramatically quick quickstart, gotchas and caveats.

Getting started

Install yarnpkg via npm.

npm install -g yarnpkg

You can now run yarn from the command line.

yarn replaces npm in your workflow:

# instead of `npm install` do
$ yarn
# instead of `npm install --save <name>` do
$ yarn add

Note: yarn removes the option to “invisibly” (i.e. without --save) install a package.

You’re done. Adjust your deployment scripts, build jobs and feel free to spent that much more time on Twitter.

Here’s a quick profile of npm vs yarn on one of our reasonably-sized projects:

$ time npm install:

$ time yarn:

$ yarn
success Saved lockfile.
✨  Done in 81.11s.
yarn  42.76s user 24.84s system 82% cpu 1:21.50 total


Some things that don’t work as of October 11th:

  • installing directly from git
  • installing private packages